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Transcodegasa is a refrigerated transport company based in Mos (Pontevedra).
Currently, we have a fleet of 30 refrigerated trailers to transport perishable goods under controlled temperature and in the area of the European Union.
We are dedicated mainly to the international transport of full/groupage loads and our main destination is Italy, but also transport goods to other countries of Western Europe.
The team of Transcodegasa has extensive experience in the transport of refrigerated goods.
They guarantee many years of work in this difficult field and we know that it is essential to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Perseverance and the use of appropriate means are the only way to solve their logistical problems.
Ctra. N-550 - Porriño-Redondela, 169 - 36415 Mos (Pontevedra) - España - Tef. +34 986 137 710 - Fax +34 986 137 720
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